Totem Shards from Totem Shatter

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Totem Shards from Totem Shatter

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I was thinking it could be pretty cool to get totem shards from a totem shatter. Say 1 to 2 shards per totem (random). This would encourage players to shatter their totems before they disintegrate in order to collect shards.

8 shards and combination of magics reforge that type of shard back into a fresh totem. So say my Sun or S. Pumpkin totem is about to disintegrate, id totem shatter it and eventually collect enough shards (8) to reforge those shards back into a fresh unused totem.

A neat idea i hope? :) It would be especially useful for the high end totems that are harder to come by. It would still take 4-8 totems of the type to collect enough shards to make a fresh totem of corresponding type. Not overpowered and gives Totem Shatter another use!


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Re: Totem Shards from Totem Shatter

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I like it!

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