Suggestion - Show Rare Drops Only

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Suggestion - Show Rare Drops Only

Post by Douxo » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:35 pm

Couldnt find a suggestion subforum so ill just slap it here

It would be nice to see the "Items taken" Displayed or not Displayed either changed to, or introduce a 3rd option for;

Rare Items only taken displayed

So instead of a big list of:
Undead totem taken
Plain Carving trinket taken
Grungy Stick taken
Shiny Trinket taken
Shiny Sapphire taken

It would simply only show the rare items:
Undead totem taken
Rare Drop: Undead totem

Just so we dont have to sift through 50 lines of junk items to see what we got from the bosses/vagabonds/posses


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