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Tree quests are given to you by the great trees (see Places In Normal Realm for locations), to request that you receive a quest click the tree and chose “Ask for quest” and the tree will explain what it requires of you.

Each character has a limited number of quest slots, once these are filled no more quests may be accepted until a quest slot is released either by the quest being completed or letting it expire. Typing /quest list displays your current quests, you can also use /quest <quest number> to get a detailed explanation of a single quest you've been assigned.

When a quest is complete you need to return to the tree which gave it to you to receive your reward - a Favor aligned with that particular tree (ie Sun tree gives Sun favors, Wolf tree gives wolf favors etc).

Note: In order to receive a favor you need to be paying member and have a character level of 10 or higher, any tree quests you completed without meeting those requirements will give you a “paper favor” which isn't much use.

What types of quests are available?

# go-to location

# kill monster type moon, turtle never sun, evil rare

# craft a weapon moon, bear never snake rare

# imbue a totem wolf, sun, bear never eagle, frog rare

# imbue a staff frog, eagle, bear never wolf rare

# talk to another player snake, turtle never eagle, evil rare

# give another player money snake, eagle, wolf never sun, frog rare (Note: a newcomer is a char that has existed less the 1 hour )

# retrieve from location

# retrieve from another Great Tree\
Note: For quest types 8 and 9, be sure to either a) Do not sell your simple loot. b) Include the quest item so you will not sell it when you sell your simple loot. Selling the quest item will result in a failed quest.

# kill demon prince moon, snake never turtle, evil rare

# donate an egg bear, wolf, frog, turtle never sun, evil rare

# donate a dust bear, wolf, frog, turtle never sun, evil rare

# pray at location snake,moon never eagle, evil rare

# escape dungeon alive (you are teleported to the back of it) moon, wolf, sun never turtle, bear, evil rare

# if you do not train a skill it will not ask for that type of quest, but doing so will give you more Egg and dusts requests.

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