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There are nine spinning gold tokens (one for each of the great spirits) - they start life randomly scatterred across the Normal Realm - if you want them you need to search for them.

Capturing is very simple, you just walk into the same square as the token, and if you're able to capture tokens the one you just walked into will dissappear and a message will go out server-wide to inform everyone that the token has just been captured by you and which guild now controls it for the next 30 hours. If you're not able to capture tokens then walking into a token wont do anything - it will just sit there spinning around like they do.

So what makes you eligible to capture a token?
Well you need to be in a guild and that guild needs to have a tower.

So why do you need to be part of a guild that has a tower to use tokens?
When you capture a token it is moved inside your guild tower and a 30 hour timer is assigned to it, when the timer runs out the token is removed from the guild tower and placed in another random square someone in the normal realm. To gain any benefits from having control of a token you need to be inside your guild tower, so not having a tower makes controlling a token kind of a waste since you can't actually benefit from it. So what do the tokens do?

Tokens temporarily boost the WV of a specific magic or crafting skill, to take advantage of this you need to be inside your tower when that token is in there - you don't need to stand with or even near the token, just being in the tower is enough.


# Infusing totems - controlling the same token as the magic you're imbuing increases your WV by 30%.
# Hatching eggs - each type of drake has a prefered type of hatching magic, if you control that token the starting dragon benefit will be doubled.
# Crafting weapons - for each of the smithing tokens you controlling an extra 10% is added to your WV when using swordsmith skill or any of the smith expertises.
# Crafting explosives - for each of the explosives tokens you control an extra 10% is added to your WV when using the explosives skill. 

Yes, running around all over the normal realm trying to find 9 tokens spread over 65,000+ squares can be a chore but it's worth it when you consider that if you can capture the right ones you can get up to a 30% increase in magic or crafting. That's enough to add a few more favors to that stat totem or to enable your smith to make your new sword first time without losing any ingots or dusts you'll see that it's ultimately in your interests and the guilds interest to capture as many tokens as possible as often as possible so that you have the best possible advantage.

Which tokens are part of which groups?

Token Name Non-Magic Benefit Magic Benefit
Bear Smithing +10% Bear Magic +30%
Wolf Smithing +10% Wolf Magic +30%
Eagle Smithing +10% Eagle Magic +30%
Snake Explosives +10% Snake Magic +30%
Frog Explosives +10% Frog Magic +30%
Sun Explosives +10% Sun Magic +30%
Moon Geomancy +20% Moon Magic +30%
Turtle Geomancy +30% Turtle Magic +30%
Evil Totem Shatter +1% Evil Magic +30%
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