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Beginner Sword Guide

Before reading this guide i would suggest that you read my beginner's guide if you have not familiarized yourself with the game.

When you first begin the game you start out with a “Beginner's Blade” which I feel is a great overstatement for it's about as dangerous as a toothpick. To begin with you should want to go out and kill things around town, such as a Slithis or the oh so famous “Common Minotaur”. When you familiarize yourself with the mode of killing and the loot system you need to go back and check out the merchant's wears. You will see that he sells blades that are better than yours to a certain extent. You should save up your money to continue to update your weapons until you have the best sword the merchant can sell…which is the “Imperial Great Sword” which will set you back 1000 gold. Sell your other weapon since you will have no use for the thing once you get a better weapon. I will now take it upon myself to list the different materials used in making a good sword.

Ingots - Ingots are specific metals that are used to make the sword. The Following is a list of the different kinds of Ingots, how good they are, and where you can find them.

Tin-Can be found at a merchant and costs 1 gold each. It may be ok for beginner player but I would not suggest using this ingot.. Aluminum-Can be found at a merchant and costs 5 gold each. It is not worth investing in if you can afford carbon or higher. Steel-Can be found at a merchant and costs 15 gold each. It isn't really worth investing in if you can afford carbon or higher. Carbon-Can be found at a merchant and costs 50 gold each. It is good for a beginning player. Zinc-Can be found at a merchant and costs 250 gold each. It is good for a beginning player. Adamantium-Can be found at a merchant and costs 1,000 gold each. It is a good ingot. Mithril-The best ingot a merchant sells…costs 10,000 gold each. It is a good ingot. Vizorium-Can be won by killing Dokk(see my special monster guide) or bought from other players for 50,000 - 55,000 gold each. It is a really good ingot. Elatium-Can be received by dropping 2 Ancient Dragon Scales(100,000 gold each at a merchant) on the ground in the same square as a guardian dragon. It is a really good ingot. Chitin-Can be won by killing the bosses of the “Labrinth” or bought from other players for around 350,000 gold each. It is a Great ingot. Malignant-Can be won by killing the bosses of the “Deeper Labrinth” or bought from other players for around 800.000 gold each. It is the BEST ingot in the game.

Dusts - Dusts are items that can be combined with ingots when making swords to give it special bonuses and also add a glow to your sword.

Blue-Blue dust adds a blue glow to your weapon as well as increases its “to hit” bonus by 1 for every blue dust you add to your weapon. Red-Red Dust adds a red glow to your weapon as well as decreases the opponent's attack speed. The more red dust on your weapon the higher level creatures you can slow, the more their attack speed will be decreased, and the longer the duration of their decreased attack speed. White-White dust adds a white glow to your weapon as well as blinds the opponent. The more white dusts on a sword the higher level creatures you can blind. Silver-Silver dust has no current graphic effect that I know of yet they add a chance to stun to a weapon and lightning damage.

Shards - Shards are special items that can either be received by dismantling a sword that reaches the requirements for a chance of a shard, trading extreme amounts of dusts or ingots for one, or for a high price of over 30 million gold. Shards grant a rare glow to a sword and give a +10% damage bonus to the weapon. Shards can be put on the sword during the making of the blade, and then you get another chance during the expertising of the blade.

Beside the name of your weapon there are 2 numbers in parentheses… Example:

                                                Sword Name (00,00)

The first number in parentheses is your “to hit” bonus. The higher the number the higher level monsters you can hit and the more consecutive hits you can get. The second number is your base damage. The higher the number the more damage the weapon does.

There are many different types of unexpertised swords made from using different amounts of ingots but the main one we are going to use is 64 ingots to make a great sword. Great swords are the strongest unexpertised swords. When aging a sword if you age the great sword to Ancient (22,000) hits its damage will double when expertised. Now that I’ve explained quite a few things about swords back to the guide, lol.

Now…if you have done as i have said then you probably have an imperial great sword and you are running around owning most of the crap outside town. But you realize its damage is not quite enough to kill anything worthwhile. The first sword you should go for should be made out of zinc. You will need 25,000 gold to buy enough ingots for a zinc tachi. I will now give a list of all the expertised weapons and what their special purposes are.

Expertised swords - Expertised swords are more advanced versions of regular weapons that add special bonuses to items. You combine them in the the inventory using the required amount of ingots and your sacrificial blade (great sword, long sword, etc.).All the bonuses from your sacrificial blade such as dusts or a shard are transferred to your new weapon. .

Katana Expertise-Plus 20 to the “to hit”. Chaos Expertise-has a 25% chance to double damage and a 10% chance to triple damage. Claw Expertise-has a 25% chance to stun. Mace Expertise-Plus 30 to base damage. Bladestaff Expertise-25% chance to hit every creature in your square.

Now that you know what a tachi is I will tell you the reason I said that over the extra damage. What good is it to do tons of damage if you cant hit anything? That is the purpose of a tachi. So now if you have your zinc tachi and a decent set of totems (i would suggest either undead or lava) you are a pretty good force for things in the normal realm (see realm explanations) and can take some things in the spirit realm. You also have what you need to get enough dodge to do pretty well in the spirit and dead realms. Now is when you need to think of your sword ideas. If you want a powerful sword in the end than I would suggest making a gateway sword which consists of a decent sword that does pretty nice damage with enough blue dusts to hit what is important. I suggest a mithril or vizorium greatsword with 100 blue dusts, then fully age it and chaos the blade with another 50 blue dusts. This will give you a vizorium chaos sword with about 150 blue dusts and with totems it can hit creatures levels 160 and below. With this sword i suggest using it to earn some cash and dusts and to skill your dodge. When you feel you are ready i suggest saving up chitin ingots. I would then suggest saving up enough ingots to make a chitin gs and eventually chaos it with a total of 500 blue dusts. With this sword i feel you can begin the ascend to achieving your dreams. Experiment around a little bit if you want and try to upgrade your sword if you like.

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