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I am going to describe some of the new quest stuff here, and update it once im done.

The quest system is scripted, which allows me to add and change things in game on the fly without server resets. There will be multiple avatars which you can get quests from. This is how it will work:

Lets say there are avatars A to G. Each one has a series of quests, lets say from 1 to 10. You go to A and get quest 1. When done, you get quest 2, and so on. If you go to another Avatar, lets say B, for a quest, then you start on B quest 1 and you lose your quest standing with A. So when you go back to A, you start on A 1 again. Once you finish the quests from one Avatar, you can always go back and do them again. We will constly be adding more things to the quest system to keep it fun.

Rewards from quests are everything from gold to ingots to dust. The harder the quest, the more stuff you will get.

Feel free to let me know how you like or hate the quests, once they are funny in the game.

Witch Quests

Fingle Witch '(207N 158E)'

*First task kill an Orc, Orc Bully, Orc Warrior, Orc Fanatic, Orc Champion, Wurm, Zerad Wurm, Queen Dragon and lastly a Guardian Dragon.

Now return to witch for your first reward

Reward: 2 Green Dust. 2 Black Dusts

Speak to the witch to continue with the next set of quests '(P.S If you want to stop and do another quest, these breaks are usually the best time. You cannot do 2 witch quests at once)' Ask for another quest from the witch directly after finishing the first and you will be asked to:

*kill 5 spirit dragons

Once done return to the witch for another reward

Reward: 10000 Gold

Speak to the witch to continue with the next set of quests

*kill a Shade, Haunt, Wrait, Wraith Mistress, Bone Warrior, Bone Lord, Bone Tyrant, and lastly a Bone Imperator

Now return to witch for another reward

Reward: 50000 Gold

Speak to the witch to continue with the next set of quests

*kill a Bat, Violent Bat, Stingtail Bat, Moon Bat, and lastly a Silver Bat

Now return to witch for another reward

Reward: 100000 Gold

Finally speak to the witch for the last part of the quest

“It seems the Demon King has recruited some of the world's deadliest hunters into the realm. They are a vile pair. They MUST be stopped!!”

1. Go to Wasteland and kill at place 66N 6E.

2. Now kill at place 6N 66E.

Return to the witch for the final time

Reward: 8 Star Totems

Fingle Witch '(207N 152E)'

This quest will ultimately result in “Elm Staffs” just…….hang in there

*First task go to “the Great Tree Of The Eagle” at place 40N 145E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Bear” at place 222N 76E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Turtle” at place 220N 124E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Moon” at place 219N 177E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Frog” at place 126N 211E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Wolf” at place 166N 40E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Sun” at place 174N 206E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Snake” at place 69N 223E.

*Next task go to “the Great Tree Of The Evil” at place 11N 6E.

NOTE: You don't need to go back to the Witch for the reward

Reward: 1 Pine Staff

Reward: 1 Birch Staff

Reward: 1 Spruce Staff

Reward: 3 Oak Staff

Reward: 3 Onyx Staff

Reward: 6 Elm Staffs

Mangel witch '(250N 237E)'

Ok this quest ultimately nets you a definite 10 silvers total.

*Kill 70 Lizard Men

Return to the witch every 7 lizard men.

Reward:30,000 cash, 10 Silver Dusts, 2 Blue Dust, 2 Red Dust, 2 White Dust, 2 Green Dusts, 2 Black Dusts, 2 Gold Dusts

Gentanos witch '(245N 19E)'

A nice one, repeatable. Your ultimate goal: An Azrael Ingot

A Tip: To optimize the quest use 5 characters at the same time. That gives you 5 ingots each round. (But of course you can do the quest with just one character or just a few or together with others.) Your choice.

Step 1: Gentanos (240,30) Head SE. Mobs: Left Hand Of Azreal. Remember use always a tanker character (Recommended minimum dodge level 130-150. A Chaos Sword with at least +300 blues). Let that character enter first to take all hits. Move in with the rest. Important: Characters need to actually hit the mobs. If not the quest will failure for those who can't.

Step 2: Jereston (166,210) Head SW. Mobs: Right Hand Of Azreal

Step 3: Move from (166,210) to the next location (164,186) Head SW. Mobs: The Heart Of Azreal

Step 4: Magarnas (161,43) Head SW. Mobs: The Mind Of Azreal

Step 5: Mostool (126,178) Head SE. Mobs: The Will Of Azreal

Step 6: Wasteland (28,29) Head SW. Mobs: The Might Of Azreal

Step 7: Use a Geo Key (Zombie) (Kill 3 Pits) Remember use always 22 meters Geo keys.

Step 8: Use a Geo Key (Bat) (Kill 2 Moon Bats and 1 Silver Bat).

Step 9: Use a Geo Key ( Green Dragon) (Kill Dragon Overlord.) After that return to the Gentanos witch for further instructions.

Step 10 Final Step : Omion (12,238) Head SE. Mobs: Azreal, Angel Of Death. After that go back to the Witch in Gentanos and collect your Azreal Ingot(s).

Reward: 1 Azrael Ingot, 1 Blue Dust, 1 White Dust, 1 Red Dust (Each Character)

'(this quest, unlike the others has only 1 part)'

—- MERCHANT tower of infinity — ROP tower– 135N 94E

You are magicly teleported into a multi level unending geo based tower . Here you will meet high level monsters and sentinel drop vagabond loots. The higher you go the better the reward. So bring some friends and have fun to see how high you can get.

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