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What are stat totems?

Remember at the character creation screen you could set your physical, magical and creative attributes and how no matter what you do you can't permanently change them once you've created your character?

Well stat totems let you fix that little problem by adjusting one stat per stat totem - but only on a temporary basis, once the stat totem is gone so are your improved stats.

How do you make stat totems?

Simple answer; lots of favors, a decent totem and a good mage.

Longer answer;

Remember those great trees (see Places In Normal Realm & Tree Quests) that give you those annoying quests that only give you a favor when you spend ages working on one? Well those favors are what you need to use to make a stat totem, so they do serve some use after all…

You need quite a few favors to create a decent stat totem, the formula for “favors : power” is; <favors required> = <totem power> x <totem power> so to create a stat that was capable of raising one of your stats to 10 you'd need 100 favors, however the one you typically find is either a 5 power (25 favors) or 6 power stat (36 favors).

You'll notice I said raising one of your stats to 10, and not raising one of your stats by 10 - there's a good reason I said it like that…

If the base stat you are trying to raise is 1 then using a 10 power would increase it to 10, equally if your base stat is 4 then using a 10 stat would increase it to 10 - if your base stat is already 10 then using a 10 power wouldn't change it because you're already as powerful as it can make you - to go higher than that you would need to create an 11 power stat totem or higher.

To physically make a stat totem you take the several favors of one type (type of favor determines what it does). Include the correct number in your workbench along with a nice totem (the better the totem the longer it lasts) and then use the same type of magic as the favors to attempt to imbue them into a stat totem.

The WV required to create a stat totem is; <number of favors> + <power of totem> so creating a 6 power mage stat out of moon favors on an undead totem would have a difficulty of 55 (36+19). A failed attempt will wear down your totem but you cannot lose any of the favors so just keep trying if you know you are capable of producing the required WV.

What favor produces what type of stat?

Favor Name Stat Totem Type
Bear Physical
Eagle Physical
Sun Physical
Wolf Creative
Frog Creative
Snake Magic
Moon Magic
Turtle Magic
Evil Physical


Q. Is the stat increase permanent?
A. No, it only lasts as long as you have the totem equipped.

Q. What's the longest I can make a stat totem last?
A. At the moment Star Totem is the best totem type and using one of these for a stat totem makes it last around 95 hours. This is fixed, the abilities of the mage you use can't make this any worse or any better.

Q. Is there a limit to the power of stat totems?
A. No set limit in the code as far as I'm aware, however you'll start to find that when you get over 10 that it's the power of your mage that's the problem rather than gathering the number of favors required.

Q. If I hatch drakes using the stat totem will they die as soon as it expires?
A. No, once they are hatched they will live a long, healthy life as long as you feed them as required.

Q. What's the point of creating them? Why not just make a mage?
A. Mostly they are created so that non-mages can hatch drakes to make their lives a little easier, or even to allow non-mages to skill magics to raise their hit points via gaining clvls

- Rika

Skilling with Stat Totems

The formula for exp gain when making a stat totem is <number of favors> - <Magic skill> + 1 So for example an evil magic of 4 with 4 favors would yield 1 exp or 4 magic with 9 favors would yield 6 exp

Important Notes!

*Totem type does not affect the exp gain. We tried with 4 different totems.

*Previous exp gain does not apply. We tried with a totem that gave me 1 exp with a normal imbue and added favors. The formula was still sound

*Number of favors counts not stat of totem created! All favors are used up in the process and odd numbers still produced results inkeeping with our formula

The exp Cap for skilling with stat totems is 8 exp. Anymore and you wont get any exp at all (Thanks to Lordstriker for testing)

I'd like to thank Lord Striker for his initial inquiry and providing the lion share of favors for testing :)

- Blue Blast

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