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Staffs are created in a similar way to the Totem Info however they require significantly more imbues to create a perfect staff - you create them as you would any crafted magic item; include one into your workbench and then combine a specific set of magics to create the type of staff you want. The regular versions of the staff just affect the square you are standing in when you use them, the din versions affect all squares within a 1 square radius of your current position.

All the basic staffs can be purchased from any Town Locations.

An imbued staff is described as type of material and magic(e.g. Oak Din Fire) followed by two figures inside a set of brackets, those figures are;

# Number of imperfections - zero is perfect, lower negative numbers happen when the combination was not perfect or the totem has not been completely imbued. # Amount of charges / uses left before the staff disintegrates.

So what are the combinations of magic needed to make a staff? Well there's a current list below followed by the appropriate hotkeys so you can quickly imbue a perfect staff from the keyboard (full list of magic shortcuts can be found on Player Commands Keywords).

Type of Staff Magic Components
Fire Staff 2x bear, 4x wolf, 3x eagle, 1x snake, 4x sun, 2x moon, 2x turtle
Din Fire Staff 2x bear, 4x wolf, 1x snake, 2x frog, 1x moon, 3x turtle
Poisonous Staff 3x bear, 2x eagle, 4x frog, 1x sun, 4x moon
Din Poison Staff 1x bear, 3x eagle, 2x snake, 4x sun, 2x moon, 3x turtle
Slowing Staff 1x bear, 2x wolf, 4x eagle, 3x snake, 2x frog, 2x sun, 2x moon
Din Slow Staff 2x eagle, 2x snake, 4x frog, 3x sun, 1x moon, 1x turtle
Stunning Staff 4x bear, 1x wolf, 1x eagle, 2x snake, 3x sun, 2x turtle
Din Stun Staff 4x wolf, 3x eagle, 2x frog, 2x sun, 1x moon, 1x turtle
Tangle Staff 3x bear, 1x wolf, 1x eagle, 3x snake, 2x frog, 1x sun, 4x turtle
Din Tangle Staff 4x bear, 1x wolf, 2x eagle, 1x snake, 3x sun, 1x moon, 1x turtle
Blinding Staff 3x wolf, 3x eagle, 1x snake, 3x frog, 4x sun, 1x moon
Din Blind Staff 1x bear, 2x wolf, 4x snake, 3x sun, 2x moon, 3x turtle
Spirit Summoning Staff 4x bear, 4x wolf, 4x eagle, 4x snake, 4x sun, 4x frog, 4x moon, 4x turtle, 4x evil

Note you can imbue the staff in any order, as long as you get the exact number of each magic into the staff. However, the amount of charges you end up with is related to the skill you FIRST imbue the staff with. Thus you'll get the best results if you start imbuing with your highest magic skill.

If you need it these are the basic statistics for the various staffs available to you. The meaning of the columns are as follows; difficulty is the work value you need to imbue this type of staff, max skill is the level at which this type of staff stops giving out magic XP, no. imbues is the number of imbues this staff can take before it is destroyed - the other columns should be pretty obvious.

Type Difficulty Max Skill Imbues Cost of Staff Notes
Pine 10 19 19 500g
Birch 15 24 24 2,000g
Spruce 20 29 29 4,500g
Oak 25 34 34 10,000g Special Drop;Possessed monsters,Dragon Realm
Onyx 30 39 41 20,000g Special Drop;Storm creatures,Revenants
Elm 35 44 45 - Special Drop; Witch Quest, Fingle 207N 152E

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