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Pure swords
As it says in the title this is for pure swords only - check lower down for multi-metal difficulty, anyway the first thing you need to know is how to work out the basic difficulty of the smithing task.

<Base Diff> = <#ingots> x <wv per ingot>

That's how hard the sword will be to smith without adding any dust, so how do you work out the difficulty with dust? Well take the result of that first formula (Base Diff) and put it into this formula.

<Dust Diff> = (<Base Diff> x 0.2 x <#dusts>) + <Base Diff>

You know know the total difficulty required to smith this blade.

Multi-metal swords
The only part that changes here is the initial calculation of base difficulty, the rest remains the same.

<Base Diff> = <#metals> x 128 x <sum of damage value>

<Dust Diff> = (<Base Diff> x 0.2 x <#dusts>) + <Base Diff>

Actual Damage

This is the formula to work out the basic damage for a sword based on its damage statistic (Dmg Stat), the users physical statistic (Physical Stat) as well as any fighter specfication bonus the user has (Spec Lvl) - if you get any decimals round them down when you're done.

(<Dmg Stat> x (1 + 0.15 x <Physical Stat>) + <Totem Dmg>) x (1 + 0.05 x <Spec Lvl> ) + <Mastery dmg>

For extended notes on expertise weapons and their effects on damage see; Expertise Weapons

Work Values

This is an approximate formula for calculating WV based on the SS or expertise skill level of the user (Skill), their creative statistic (Creative Stat), their crafter specification level (Spec Lvl) and the number of crafter specific tokens then have (Tokens).

The variances are the core of these formulas - 0.32 to 1.68 represent “common” WV range while 0.3 to 1.7 represents the “actual” WV range, but being random it's far harder to hit the upper and lower boundaries.

Swordsmith work values
<Skill> x <Creative Stat> x Random(0.32-1.68) x (1+(<Spec Lvl> x 0.05)) x (1+(<#Tokens> x 0.1))

Expertise work values
<Skill> x <Creative Stat> x 20 x Random(0.32-1.68) x (1+(<Spec Lvl> x 0.05)) x (1+(<#Tokens> x 0.1))

You can use the inverse of this process to work out the minimum and maximum levels to required to create any weapon.

Experience per level

Experience per level of swordsmith skill
<Level> x <Level> x 30 = <Next Level>

Experience per level of expertise skills
<Level> x <Level> x 3000 = <Next Level>

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