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Possessed monsters are normal monsters (hunting spiders, tigers, green dragons, minotaurs, golems) that have been inhabited by a demon who is in service to the Demon King. There are three main signs that differentiate possessed monsters from regular monsters. First, they all have a red tint to their coloring. Second, they are bigger than normal monsters, with very high level posses being so large you can see much more than their feet! Finally, the name of the possessed monster always follows the pattern of “Possessed <monster type, ie Tiger> - <charname>”.

A word of warning… Players create posses at their own expense - they aren't there for everyone to share - so if it's not your posse don't try to kill it!

How are they created?
Possessed monsters (posse) are created by purchasing one or more demon amulets from a merchant and then dropping it in the square of a Guardian Dragon, a few seconds later the dragon will give you a quest to hunt down and kill a possessed monster with a Normal Realm dungeon. The location of the dungeon and the location of the creature within the dungeon will be listed in your /quest list.

If more than one person is standing in the guardian dragon's square when the quest is created then you'll need to check the last line of the message to work out who was given the quest. That person needs to check /quest list for the precise location of the dungeon and then go there to activate the possessed monster. To ensure the desired character receives the quest, additional characters should stand in an adjacent square.

The quest will update, and the posse will be spawned, once the character with the quest gets within 4 squares of the target location within the specified dungeon. If you don't spawn the possessed monster, the quest will expire in 24 hours and you'll lose it, but once activated a possessed monster has a natural lifespan of about three to four days.

What's the point of posses?
They have a few uses:

  1. Dust - Possessed monsters have a number of special drops equal to their level divided by 10 (level 55 rounds down to 5 drops, level 56 rounds up to 6 drops, as an example). The drops are a mostly random assortment of undead totems, oak staves, and glowing dust (can be blue, white, red, green or black). I say mostly random, because there is a slightly higher chance of some drops than others, though I don't currently know the exact breakdown of the chances.
  2. Group Activities - A big posse (or series of big posse) can amuse a group of players for quite a while, and generally big posse have more drops to share.
  3. Sword Aging - With the high regen of posses, they can often be impossible to kill with only a GS, which makes them good for aging swords before expertising. A big enough posse can even be used by multiple characters to age several swords at the same time. DO NOT however be tempted to bypass the 15 minute inactivity timer and age swords while AFK, as this is very much against the rules of the game!
  4. Skilling - In the dark days before Geomancy was added to the game, there were some points in the game where it was hard, slow, or impossible to get a naturally occurring monster to skill dodge from, so the only alternative was to use a posse that was at a level that gave dodge skill. This was a fairly inexact process of trial and error, and was tediously slow. Geomancy earthkeys have made posses completely obsolete for skilling dodge.

How do I make them higher level or get more drops?
From Yuritau: With Punisher's release of the original source code, we've learned that what we used to think about the posse formula was pretty hilariously far off base. In particular, we never knew that time played (as shown in /about <charname>) had a significant impact on final posse level.

What I've gathered from the source code, with some help from Iresh (thank you Iresh!) is the following formula, consider this to be tentative until further testing:

Posse level = sum of player power ratings + 1
Player power = (Best Sword Rating + Dodge Level + Character Age) ÷ 14, then rounded down
Best Sword Rating = To-Hit value (do not include default to hit of 1) + Damage value + Dust (white, red, green, and black)
Character Age = (time played, in minutes) ÷ 100

An example, using my character:

Sword: (251,84) no dusts, Dodge: 51, Time Played: 3days 15hours 40minutes
1 + ROUNDDOWN((250 + 84 + 0 + 51 + (5260 ÷ 100)) ÷ 14) = 32

As an added note, adding more demon amulets will increase the number of drops without increasing the level of the posse. Each extra amulet will add an additional drop.

Why can't I damage my possessed even though I've been fighting it for 20 minutes? Simple, the monster is regenerating faster than you are damaging it. The calculation for posse regen is the same as player power, only divided by 3 instead of 14.

Posse Regen = (Best Sword Rating + Dodge Level + Character Age) ÷ 3, then rounded down

Using the same example as before, my level 32 posse would have a regen of 146 health per second. Note that it is in fact per second. A character only swings her sword once every two seconds, so the amount of damage I would need to deal to beat the regen on my posse is 292 per swing.


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