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Click on the player you wish to trade with and select “Secure trade”. This will bring up the secure trade window which allows both players to offer up items and money for the trade. When the trade is acceptable press “Accept”, once both players have clicked “Accept” the trade will complete.

Once accept has been pressed any changes to the trade by either player will rest the button from “Waiting…” back to “Accept”.

To take or drop items on the ground, click the ground and click “Check ground” - you will then be able to move items between the ground and your inventory, because of changes, now only Dragon Orchids, Demon Amulets and Ancient Dragonscales can be dropped on the ground.

Remember, there is no confirmation screen! So make sure the deal you want is up before clicking accept.

Players can also buy and sell items with the merchants, store personal items with the town mage or guild chest and buy skills from the trainers.

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