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Player Smith Guide

The Finer Points

As the real basics have already been covered in the Smithing for Beginners page, we’ll move straight into some of the more details oriented stuff.

Experience Per Level

The XP to gain the next level of Swordsmith is always determined as follows

<Current Level> x <Current Level> x 30 = <XP for Next Level>

Every 100 Swordsmith Levels grants 3 Character Levels.

Task Difficulty

The TD calculation varies depending on whether or not you’re trying to create a multi-metal sword or not.

Pure swords

This is ONLY for swords made of one single metal type. First is the base TD for only metal, followed by the TD for a dusted pure metal sword.

<Base TD> = <# of Ingots> x <Ingot Damage Value>
<Dusted TD> = (<Base TD> x 0.2 x <# of Dusts>) + <Base TD>

As you can see, every 5 dusts adds another increment of the Base TD to the final TD of the combine.

Multi-Metal Swords

The Base TD of a multi-metal sword is calculated differently than a pure metal sword, but the Dusted TD calculation is the same. You can see a table of Multi-Metal Sword Task Difficulties further down this page.

<Base TD> = <# of Metals> x 128 x <Sum of All Ingot Damage Values Included>
<Dusted TD> = (<Base TD> x 0.2 x <# of Dusts>) + <Base TD>

Work Value

The Work Value of a Swordsmith combine is determined by the following equation

<Skill Level> x <Creative Stat> x Random(0.3-1.7) x (1+(<Spec lvl> x 0.05)) x (1+(<# of Tokens> x 0.1))

The Work Value is also the XP gained in the skill, so long as the WV is less than 20x the Task Difficulty.

Actual Damage Dealt

Every sword in the game has a base damage rating, as denoted by the YY in (xx,YY), but in order to calculate the actual damage the sword will deal, you need to account for a lot of other factors. Because of the way the server does math, each of the terms of the equation must be rounded down to the nearest whole number

Actual Damage = ((A + B) x C) + D + E
A = <Dmg Stat> x (1 + 0.15 x <Physical Stat>)
B = <Strength Totem Power>
C = 1 + 0.05 x <Spec lvl>
D = [(A + B) x C] x <Lifesteal Totem Power> / 40, this value cannot exceed one quarter of your maximum health
E = <Mastery Level> x 0.5 x <Physical Stat>

Useful Tables

Metal Ingots

Below is a full list of all current metal ingots and their in game sources.

Metal Power How to get?
Tin 1 Buy from Merchant
Aluminium 2 Buy from Merchant
Steel 3 Buy from Merchant
Carbon 4 Buy from Merchant
Zinc 5 Buy from Merchant
Adamantium 6 Buy from Merchant
Mithril 7 Buy from Merchant
Vizorium 8 Kill Dokk & Dokk Centurions
Elatium 9 Place 2 Ancient Dragonscales on the ground in front of a Guardian Dragon
Chitin 10 Kill Labyrinth bosses (Larath, Reorth, & Moultz)
Malignant 11 Kill Deep Labyrinth bosses (Baphomet & Dagon)
Tungsten 12 Random drop in Deep Labyrinth & Lab Basement
Titanium 13 Random drop in Deep Labyrinth & Lab Basement
Azrael 14 Rewarded by Gentanos Witch (245N 19E)
Chrome 15 Rewarded by Waste Witch (38N 38E)

Multi-Metal Sword Task Difficulties

Below is a table of all task difficulties for multi-metal swords, using merchant available ingots up to and including adamantium.

Code Ingot
TN tin
AL aluminum
ST steel
CB carbon
ZN zinc
AD adamantium
Metal TD Metal TD
TN 64 TN + AL + ST + CB 5120
TN + AL 768 TN + AL + ST + ZN 5632
TN + ST 1024 TN + AL + CB + ZN 6144
TN + CB 1280 TN + ST + CB + ZN 6656
TN + ZN 1536 AL + ST + CB + ZN 7168
TN + AL + ST 2304 TN + AL + ST + CB + ZN 9600
TN + AL + CB 2688 TN + AL + ST + CB + AD 10240
TN + AL + ZN 3072 TN + AL + ST + ZN + AD 10880
AL + ST + CB 3456 TN + AL + CB + ZN + AD 11520
AL + ST + ZN 3840 TN + ST + CB + ZN + AD 12160
AL + CB + ZN 4224 AL + ST + CB + ZN + AD 12800
ST + CB + ZN 4608 TN + AL + ST + CB + ZN + AD 16128

Sword Size Categories

Number Of Ingots 1 4 8 16 32 64
Sword Dirk Knife Short Sword Sword Long Sword Great Sword

Sword Age Categories

Description Strikes
New 0
Young 1,000
Mature 2,500
Well worn 5,000
Venerable 10,000
Ancient 15,000
Ancient 22,000 (maximum visible)
???? BMReborn server tracks age beyond 22,000 hits (max unknown)

Next Steps

  • Expertise Weapons Provides detailed information and formulas for dealing with Expertise Weapons
  • Dismantle Guide Provides detailed information and formulas for dealing with Weapon Dismantle
  • Glowing Dusts Provides detailed information about the glowing dusts that can be added to swords
  • Metal Shards Provides detailed information regarding the rarest of sword ingredients
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