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The most basic forms of magic are aligned to the nine great tree spirits of which watch over the land of Blade Mistress, each great tree has a magical skill named after it; Bear magic, Wolf magic, Eagle magic, Snake magic, Frog magic, Sun magic, Moon magic, Turtle magic and Evil magic.

Each great tree gives out quests to whoever is willing to take them and will reward the successful with favors which can be used to build stat totems, you can find their locations elsewhere on this site. All the great trees have a token which grants whoever finds it a boost in their magical or creative ability for a short while.

How do basic magics work?

In Blade Mistress basic forms of magic aren't used to summon fireballs and spears of ice, they're used to imbue totems with raw magical essence to protect warriors (think of them as buffs) and to empower wooden staffs with magical attacks.

To make flawless totems & staffs a mage needs to use a mix of magic skills - not just one, the totem information and staff information pages list the combination of magics required to imbue perfectly as well as explaining more about the items and their various powers.

Power levelling

If you want to learn how to raise your magical abilities quickly then read the magic power leveling guide and possibly the geomancy guide once you've maxed out your magics.


Experience per combine tends to be based on your current level and task difficulty (see the totem and staff pages for precise limits, or check the power levelling guide) and you only get experience for a successful combine, but at later levels that isn't really an issue.

Each magic level requires 30 experience, so to work out how much experience you need to reach a certain level, the formula to use is;

<next level> = <current level> x 30

Work Values

Work vales seem to relate to your magic stat (<stat>), your skill in that magic (<skill>), guild mage specification (<spec lvl>) and whether you have the token related to that magic (<token>).

<work value> = <stat> x <skill> x Random(0.177→0.325) x (1+ <spec lvl> x 0.05) x (1+ <token> x 0.3)

Staff Charges

The number of charges placed on a staff seem to be related to the amount of WV from the initial imbue. Not sure if there is a limit to the number of charges you can put on a certain type of staff.

<charges> = Rounddown( <work value> / 2.5 )

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