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Combat in Blade Mistress is pretty simple, you walk into a square with monsters and either wait to auto-attack or you can select a specific monster to attack. Whether you end up with the loot or experiencing the wonders of Player Dying is a little more complex and what makes the game fun.

The two main factors in winning a combat are your sword, your dodge and to a lesser extent your totems (Totem Info).


The more damage your sword can do the quicker your opponent will die - it's pretty simple so far right?

How do you make your sword do more damage? # Try to allocate as many points to your physical stat as possible when creating your character as this directly affects how much damage you can do. # Use a strength totem - that way you can hit for a few extra points of damage with each attack, the amount of damage you temporarily gain by this method varies depend on the type of totem material used. # Always use 64 ingots to make sure you get a great sword (GS) and another 32 when you convert it into one of the more advanced forms, this ensures you get the most damage out of your ingots. # If you really think you need that extra damage badly enough then switch to a mace type weapon, they do a lot more damage than the other weapon types but pay for this in decreased accuracy. # Use better (more expensive) types of ingot to craft the sword - the better the quality of the ingots the more damage you can do with the sword. # Try to raise your sword's age to 22,000 strikes before you convert it into one of the more advanced forms - this instantly doubles the amount of damage your weapon is capable of doing in its new form. (See Blade Ages) # Physical Stat Totems- Making a physical stat totem (Bear, Eagle, Sun) can increase your physical stat above 10 (121 favors needed for an 11 physical stat), and therefore you can do more damage.(See Stat Totem Info) # You can add Silver Dust to your weapon which can be occurred from Lizard monsters from the Deeper Labyrinth. Every 2 Silver Dust adds 1 damage to your sword. Note that this extra damage isn't added to the weapon damage stat, but actually it is an extra effect that often happens after hitting an opponent which also stuns a monster depending on the amount of dust you have.

There's also the little issue of accuracy, as if you can't hit your opponent you can't hurt them - at lower levels you can solve this problem by using an accuracy totem and/or switching to a katana type weapon (tanto, katana or tachi as they all have a natural accuracy boost). At higher levels you need to be adding Glowing Dusts to your sword.

Dodge & dodge leveling…

Dodge is a wonderful little skill which you automatically use and which improves as you play the game (see below), it's purpose is to allow you to avoid attacks from your opponent which helps keep you alive much longer than you would have survived without it. If you haven't already learnt dodge skill you can learn it from the Town Trainer for 1g.

You can also get a “cheap” dodge boost by using a quickness totem, the amount of dodge you temporarily gain by this method varies depend on the type of totem material used.

Gaining dodge experience happens automatically under the right conditions; to increase your dodge XP you need to be fighting an opponent whose level is 1 to 10 levels higher than your own, if you try higher level opponents two things will happen;

 1. You'll get no dodge experience.
 2. More than likely you'll find yourself back in the center of town having suffered a negative health moment (aka death). 

When you are within the “magic” 10 level boundary you'll receive dodge XP for every attempt your opponent has at attacking you - the level of dodge XP you gain is equal to the difference in levels between you, so 10 levels difference gives you 10xp per “round” of combat which is the most you can receive from a single opponent.

Contrary to what some players believe, you receive dodge experience as long as your opponent is attacking you, it doesn't matter whether they hit or miss.

Is 10xp the most you get get per round? No, it's the most you will ever get from a single opponent in a round of combat - if you can get 10 opponents which each give you 10xp per round you're looking at 100xp per round and some very quick leveling.

How do you know how much XP you need for the next level? It's really easy to work this one once you know the formula;

<XP to level> = <current dodge lvl> x <current dodge lvl> x 100

So how do you know what level a certain monster is and/or what type of monster will give you the magic 10xp? You consult a list of Monster Levels.

Power leveling dodge Want a quick guide to help take your fighter quickly through the first 20 dodge levels and eventually up to 66 and beyond? Check out the Dodge Levelling Guide

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