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All the /commands for communications can be shortened to just the first letter, ie /announce <message> works the same as /a <message>

Enter toggle text entry on and off <message> local message (nearby only)

/announce <message> sends a message to the current chat channel
/shout <message> shout message (10 squares)
/tell <NAME> <message> sends a private message
/reply sends a reply to last person that /t'd you
/emote emote <text> descriptive text - eg. /e smiles appears as <playername> smiles

/ - same as enter but places / at the beginning
; - automatically gets you set up for an emote

/guild <message> sends a message all guildmates online
/guild lists all guild members and their ranks

/friend <message> sends a message the characters on your friends list
/friend lists friends and if they are on
/friend add <NAME> adds to friend list
/friend remove <NAME> removes from friends list

/ignore <NAME> ignores all text from that person, repeat command to cancel.

Window & Movement Hotkeys

1 - opens inventory
2 - opens workbench
3 - opens skills
4 - opens items in use
ESC - closes all open windows (trade, inventory etc)

m - toggles between the simple map, complex map and no map

w - Forward
a - Rotate camera left
d - Rotate camera right

f - Toggle framerate

Power Words

caorael - power word to teleport to spirit realm (3 people must say at same time in the same square).
jinweise - power word to teleport to dead realm (3 people must say at same time in the same square).
reto - power word to return from the realms

atronach - power word for quests

metamoros - power word for initiating the Character Age process, must be used in a stone ring by a player who is ready to age, requires another player to use polyvacus.
polyvacus - word of reply for triggering the word of power from a character who is eligible to advance their Character Age.


/quest LIST shows what quest you have
/quest <number of quest> shows more info

System & Information

/status <afk, busy or available> <message> - sets your status to the one specified and leaves the <message> as your message. Can be read in /about NAME
/whoall - shows who is online
/who - shows who is in the ‘world you are in´
/about NAME - shows information about a player
/time - Displays server time and game time
/where NAME - shows loc of person

/pullchar <account name> that your pulling from <account password> that your pulling from <character name> that your pulling from. this pulls a charater into the account you got logged in.fixed
/passchange <old password><new password>

/token - shows who has tokens, and which aren't taken

/referredby <NAME> - llows a P2P player to make a one-time gift of playing(see read me for more details) THIS is inactive, was only used during P2P

Guild commands

Danfratern - with 4 people in a square will create a guild

Danduco - with 3 people and a ranked guild member will induct the others into your guild
Danviro - use inside your guild tower with 4 guild members to edit the inside of the tower

Dantoporas - with 3 guild members and an admin or mod will create a guild tower

/g - guild chat
/quitguild - leave the guild. /guildinfo GUILDNAME - will get you the information about a guild
/guildkick NAME - Can be used by ranking members in monarchies or tyrannies to kick lower ranking members from the guild
/vote - lists the bills' number, time left, vote so far (or final vote if it's not pending)
/vote # - lists the bill desc
/vote # yes|no - records your vote on the bill
/startvote TYPE_KEYWORD - subject starts a vote IF you can (according to the open vote spaces and the guild style)
/stopvote # - The sponsor of a bill can remove the bill from the list with the /stopvote command, IF voting is still going on on the bill.

(also see Guild Commands)


As of the January 2005 update the existing hotkeys were removed, if you wanted to know what they were then here's a list for you

Magic shortcuts

1 - Bear magic
2 - Wolf magic
3 - Eagle magic
4 - Snake magic
5 - Frog magic
6 - Sun magic
7 - Moon magic
8 - Turtle magic
9 - Evil magic
0 - Totem Shatter
G - Geomancy

Creative shortcuts

o - swordsmith

c - claw
b - bladestaff
h - chaos
k - katana
n - mace

x - explosives
d - Weapon Dismantle

- Kar, Rika, Smokey, Des Latine

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