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The basement is accessible from the mysterious oval room in the Deeper Labyrinth located at N54 E31. See Places In The Deeper Labyrinth to plot a course to the portal.

This is the only realm to obtain the shiny Chrome Ingots, which are stronger than even Azrael.

It contains 7 bosses and a leavening of vampires, lizardmen, and various other deadly mobs.

The vampire lords here drop 5 7 and 9 Mal, the mystery new bosses drop nice amount of Chrome. Bring lots of dust, dodge levels, and friends to try and kill them.

Co-ordinates Description
49N 47E Boss - Mantus
38N 35E Boss - Sammael
25N 52E Boss - Thoth
11N 44E Boss - ????
21N 29E Boss - ????
42N 11E Boss - ????
4N 22E Boss - ????
64N 63E Portal drop - Deep Labyrinth (54N 31E)

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