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 +The deep labyrinth is accessible from the "upper level" labyrinth at the previously closed portal located at N36 E36. See [[Places In The Labyrinth]] to plot a course through the Upper Labyrinth to the portal. The favored route appears to be the wasteland entrance.
 +This is the only realm to obtain the new Malignant Ingots, which are stronger than chitin.
 +It contains 3 bosses and a leavening of vampires, bats, orcs, bone Lts and Sgts and various other mobs.
 +It also now contains the Lizard Men, which drop the valuable silver dust. These spawn randomly as regular mobs and start at level 80.
 +The Baphomets drop 1 ingot each and Dagon drops 3.
 +|| **Co-ordinates** || **Description** ||
 +|| 58N 59E || Boss - Baphomet ||
 +|| 5N 12E || Boss - Baphomet (Second spawn) ||
 +|| 6N 57E || Boss - Dagon ||
 +|| 63N 63E || Portal drop - Upper Labyrinth (36N 36E) ||
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