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The deep labyrinth is accessible from the “upper level” labyrinth at the previously closed portal located at N36 E36. See Places In The Labyrinth to plot a course through the Upper Labyrinth to the portal. The favored route appears to be the wasteland entrance.

This is the only realm to obtain the new Malignant Ingots, which are stronger than chitin.

It contains 3 bosses and a leavening of vampires, bats, orcs, bone Lts and Sgts and various other mobs.

It also now contains the Lizard Men, which drop the valuable silver dust. These spawn randomly as regular mobs and start at level 80.

The Baphomets drop 1 ingot each and Dagon drops 3.

Co-ordinates Description
58N 59E Boss - Baphomet
5N 12E Boss - Baphomet (Second spawn)
6N 57E Boss - Dagon
63N 63E Portal drop - Upper Labyrinth (36N 36E)

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