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 +Spirit Realm, accessed via one of the overground Spirit Vision teleports or via caorael. Not many tourist attractions here apart from Dokk!
 +Dokk and his 3 cents give out vizorium ingots, one step up from mithril for smithing (see Player Smith Guide). His cents are set in a checkerboard type pattern, with one on the left, then up, right, and up, left, with dokk being just past the last Cent.
 +|| **Coordinate** || **Boss** ||
 +|| 61N 2E || Dokk ||
 +Head south from the entry point, eventually a wall/​mountain will appear to your right, keep going South until that wall opens out.
 +From here go west until you reach some an impassable gully running North-South. Follow the edge of this gully Northwards until it narrows and then flattens out - you should now be able to go West a little and get to the other side of the gully.
 +Now go South until you see a "​ramp"​ rising upwards. Use this, head to the Western wall and then head North towards Dokk.
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