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Spirit Realm, accessed via one of the overground Spirit Vision teleports or via caorael. Not many tourist attractions here apart from Dokk!

Dokk and his 3 cents give out vizorium ingots, one step up from mithril for smithing (see Player Smith Guide). His cents are set in a checkerboard type pattern, with one on the left, then up, right, and up, left, with dokk being just past the last Cent.

Coordinate Boss
61N 2E Dokk


Head south from the entry point, eventually a wall/mountain will appear to your right, keep going South until that wall opens out.

From here go west until you reach some an impassable gully running North-South. Follow the edge of this gully Northwards until it narrows and then flattens out - you should now be able to go West a little and get to the other side of the gully.

Now go South until you see a “ramp” rising upwards. Use this, head to the Western wall and then head North towards Dokk.

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