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 +The is a Basic list of places in Realm of the Dead, Realm of The Dead is a place where armies of undeads swarm, lead by the evil Anubis and his lackies. If you dare to face them, this Realm can be reached by defeating one of the Bone Warriors or by the power word jinweise.
 +|| **Co-ordinates** || **Boss** ||
 +|| 29N 32E || Bone Lord ||
 +|| 10N 50E || Bone Tyrant ||
 +|| 24N 14E || Bone Imperator ||
 +|| 59N 23E || Anubis ||
 +To get to these monsters follow these easy to understand instruction:​
 +**Bone Lord**\\
 +From the drop point head to 52N 39E then head south east (in general) until you reach the Bone Lord at 29N 32E
 +**Bone Tyrant**\\
 +From the drop point head south till you hit 10N then head a little bit west till you hit the Bone Tyrant
 +**Bone Imperator**\\
 +From the drop point head to 10N and head west to 11E and then go north east to get to 24N 14E
 +From the drop point head over to 52N 38E and from there head to 44N 7E then head north to 59N and then simply head east till you run into his army
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