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Basic list of the main places in the normal realm, I've added what the nearest town/recall point is and how far away from town it is. I'm sure most people get this already but where it says Volcano that means either use a waste recall, or just walk from Floan.

As far as I know these are 100% accurate (except for those spirit visions who just wont hold still) - if you find an error please edit the item.

Coordinate Boss Near? distance
180N 189E Bone Warior Binu 21 sq
68N 33E Bone warrior Floan 14 sq
111N 17E Bone warrior Mirial 20 sq
26N 169E Spirit Vision Hoomarch 21 sq
247N 34E Spirit Vision Gentanos 20 sq
125N 211E Spirit Vision Jinn 21 sq
50N 184E Graveyard Hoomarch 10 sq
203N 165E Graveyard Fingle 11 sq
130N 90E Island - Center Felloan 44 sq
135N 85E Island - Sandy Felloan 42 sq
125N 96E Island - Sandy bridge Felloan 47 sq
251N 237E Labrinth entrance Mangel 8 sq
106N 133E Labrinth entrance Bora Mist 8 sq
230N 73E Labrinth entrance Aldebar 10 sq
19N 224E Labrinth entrance Omion 6 sq
34N 41E Labrinth entrance Volcano 5 sq
170N 115E Labrinth entrance Felloan 6 sq
222N 76E Great tree of the Bear Aldebar 9 sq
40N 145E Great tree of the Eagle Sintil 3 sq
126N 211E Great tree of the Frog Jinn 22 sq
219N 177E Great tree of the Moon Vargras 12 sq
69N 223E Great tree of the Snake Quixonta 10 sq
174N 206E Great tree of the Sun Jereston 17 sq
220N 124E Great tree of the Turtle Bree 29 sq
166N 40E Great tree of the Wolf Magarnas 30 sq
11N 6E Great tree of Evil Wasteland 24 sq
247N 144E The Trickster Minotaur Fingle 37 sq
29N 31E Volcano Floan 53 sq
207N 152E Witch Fingle 4 sq
38N 38E Witch Floan 44 sq
245N 19E Witch Gentanos 5sq
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