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People keep asking about shards, so here's a quick rundown of what's known so far…

What are shards? Shards (“<color> metal shard” to give them their proper name) are an item you can add to a sword, just like dust except that you can only add one shard during swordsmithing and one during expertising for a maximum of two (making the final sword “dual sharded”).

What do they do? Visually a shard adds a colored “trail” to the trailing edge of the weapon you added it to which becomes visible when you move between squares and when you attack (the trail will follow the path your blade takes).

Each shard adds 10% damage rounded down to the sword by improving its damage stat, which is the same as two levels of guild fighter spec. A shard on both the greatsword and the fully aged expertise adds up to 21% to the final damage on the sword, compared to no shards. (it rounds damage stat down at both steps, so sometimes the boost is a little less)

What colors do shards come in? Shards come in a variety of colors. White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Aqua and Pink. As far as I'm aware the only difference between the colors is the colored effects they produce.

Where can I get a shard? The primary source of shards is players using Dismantle Guide on good swords and getting lucky. A secondary source of shards is buying them from other players, although the prices are all over the place, generally being anywhere from 30m-50m upwards.

Yes shards come from dismantle, but not every sword is able to produce a shard, and even those that are able only have a small chance of actually producing one. Much of the “rules” behind getting a shard are currently rumor and conjecture, the only solid things we've been told are;

* The weapon needs to be a special age (we assume 22,000k), and have at least a 72 power.

* The dismantle process needs to return dusts .

* Your dismantle skill must produce a work value high enough to not lose the shard.

* Even if those three steps are satisfied there is still only a 15% (1:7) chance of a shard appearing when the sword is dismantled.

Since the release of the source, the actual shard formula can now be looked up. Because of this, the shard formula has been changed. There are ways to increase the shard chance beyond 15% now,and can reach 51% max to make up for the other changes each 2.5k more gives 1 % more.

The assumed example sword from the original wiki (the vizorium fully aged expertise with a large number of dusts) would have a 15% shard chance now.

Anything else to know about shards? They add the same amount of TD as a dust for smithing purposes, and the visual effects don't carry over between GS and Expertise - if you want the “trail” on the expertise stage then you need to add another shard / the shard into the expertise materials.


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