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Although this is not an extensive guide, it will get you started on the right path to being able to afford a better weapon and some decent totems.

Dungeon Diving

All dungeon's have 3 chests which contains Golden Necklaces and sometimes, Glowing Blue Dusts. Golden Necklaces sell to Merchants for 700g each. Do NOT sell dusts to merchants, they are worth far more in game economy than what Merchants pay for them. Most players are willing to pay 50,000g per Glowing Blue Dust. (Suggestion: Trade your 1st Glowing Blue Dust for a set of Undead Totems and then ask someone to imbue them for you!)

There are 3 dungeons located in the immediate area of Fingle: 200N 170E 190N 134E 224N 132E

Chests only respawn once every 3 hours, so to continue robbing chests, you should seek out other dungeon locations.

Tree Favors, Ingots, Bricks & Beads

Ask around the community for anyone who is willing to purchase these items. Tree favors sell for approximately 25,000g each. Ingots, Bricks & Beads are usually sold in quantities of 10,000 with price negotiable between you and the prospective buyer. Merchants sell ingots & beads in quantities of 100 while brick quantities are generally around half that. It's best to purchase these items in towns with 5 merchants (Example: Fingle or Floan). The items will respawn about once every couple of minutes.

Dusts & Geo's

Although Glowing Blue Dusts sell for 50,000g, it's best to save them and put them on your first really decent weapon. By doing this, you will be able to loot good sized geo's and become rich. But this will be a little later in the game, when you've had time to save up a nice amount of dusts.

Good luck!

- Ashyra -

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