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This page lists out the various mathmatical formulas attached to the magic system in BM - if you wanted the combinations for magics then check out the relevant pages (Totem Info & Staff Info).


Each magic level requires 30xp, therefore formula for xp needed to level is;

<next level xp> = <current level> x 30

Work Values

Work vales seem to relate to your magic stat (<stat>), your skill in that magic (<skill>), guild mage specification (<spec lvl>) and whether you have the token related to that magic (<token>)

<work value> = <stat> x <skill> x Random(0.177→0.325) x (1+ <spec lvl> x 0.05) x (1+ <token> x 0.3)

Staff Charges

The number of charges placed on a staff seem to be related to the amount of WV from the initial imbue. Not sure if there is a limit to the number of charges you can put on a certain type of staff.

<#charges> = Rounddown( <work value> / 2.5 )

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