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A quick-start guide to making a new guild, for more detailed information on all the guild commands see Guild Commands and Guild Information.

The most important step: consider carefully two questions. Is a new guild the best answer? This means just because you want to is not always enough reason to start a guild, you might just be better off joining an existing guild. Am I ready to start a guild? Do you have members who will join and be loyal? Do you have the time and the desire to manage the guild once I make it?

If you answer no to either don't bother making a new guild, and please don't waste money on a guild tower, there are enough forgotten towers cluttering up the landscape.

# Gather all the people you want to start your guild with in one square, they should all be guildless, if they are in a guild already they should /quitguild now. Choose carefully as you wont be able to add any other new members for at least 24 hours (1 day) after you've completed the next stage.

# You need to get 4 or more of the people in the square to say danfratern, this will add everyone in that square into your new guild.

# Once that's done you've got a guild, name it using the /guildname <your guildname here> command. Again choose carefully as you won't be able to change this name as easily once it's been set. (See Guild Commands)\
To see the guild name over your head you'll need to log out and log back in.

# Next, set its style of government using the /guildtype <type name> command. If you need more information please visit Guild Information page, Monarchy or Tyranny seem popular choices for styles of guild. Again choose carefully as you won't be able to change the style as easily once it's been set. (See Guild Commands)

# Now, start some votes so that the guild has an “official” leader, this is done using the /startvote promote <leaders name> command - put as many promote votes through as you can so there's a definite leader. It will take 24 hours (1 day) for this vote to be completed - whether they pass or not will depend on the voting.\
Having a leader or at least guild members with a rank is a requirement if you want to be able to danduco new members later on, so it's important you make sure you do this properly.

# Finally as many guild members as possible should check /vote and then use /vote <vote number> <yes or no> to cast their vote.

Want a guild tower?

You need to read the guild tower rules, if your guild meets those requirements you can have a tower - if you don't meet those requirements you can't have a tower, it's that simple.

Once you're ready add a “new topic” to the Tower Request forum which is part of the main BM forums.

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