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Guilds now have a style, which must be set with the /guildtype command. The possible types are CAUCUS, COUNCIL, VESTRY, MONARCHY, and TYRANNY.

Guild members can be elected to ranks, now. There are three ranks above common for each guild style, except TYRANNY, which has “Tyrant” and “M”.

Ranks are important because 1) in a Tyranny or Monarchy, higher ranked guild members can kick out lower ranked members simply by using the /guildkick command, and 2) different guild styles determine how many bills can be sponsored by commoners vs. ranking members.

All guilds have a voting system that every guild member can vote in. Each guild can have 4 active bills at a time, and an active bill takes 24 hours of voting, and then another 24 hours of presenting the results.

Any guild member can see the 4 bills by typing /vote. If you type /vote followed by the number 1-4, you see a more detailed description of what that bill is about.

If you type /vote, a number, and a 'yes' or 'no', you vote on that bill. If you vote more than once, you just overwrite your existing vote, so you can't post more than one vote for a bill. However, if you DON'T vote, you won't be counted in the final tally.

Any guild member can use the /startvote command to try to activate a new bill. This is “sponsoring” the bill. If there isn't an empty slot for your rank, the attempt fails. The guild style also dictates how many bills can be sponsored by commoners, and how many by ranked members. This table shows how many votes are needed in a guild style for each type of bill.

Bill Caucus Counci Vestry Monarchy Tyrrany
Promote 50% 50% 80% 100% 100%(once)
specializing 50 60 75 75 1
kickout 50 60 75 100 1
change style 50 60 75 100 1
change name 50 60 75 100 1

So, in a Monarchy of 4 voters, 3 of them have to vote 'yes' to pass a specializing bill. If only 3 members chose to vote, all would have to vote 'yes' to pass the bill. Guilds commoner votes/ranking votes ranking can use /kickout

Guilds commoner votes/ranking votes ranking can use /kickout
Caucus 4/0 no
Council 2/2 no
Vestry 1/3 no
Monarchy 1/3 yes
Tyranny 0/4 yes

All bills can be sponsored by commoners if there isn't a ranked member.

Guild Specialization: Guild specializing happens with votes. A guild member can sponsor a bill to specialize the guild by one point in fighter, mage, or crafter specializations.

Specialized guilds give certain bonuses to their members; fighter specialized guilds make every member do more damage. Mage specialized guilds make all magic work better, including hatching pets. Crafter specialized guilds make all crafting work better.

Update A guild can now specialize in all 3 areas. So now you can make a fighter/mage specialized guild, fighter/crafter specialized guild and so on so forth. Specialize to your guilds desires.

Specialization bills are special, because they cost a massive amount of gold, and the voting system expects to get the gold from the subject of the vote. SO, when the voting on the bill finishes, the subject MUST be online, and MUST have enough gold on him/her to cover the cost of the bill. Otherwise the bill with fail, even if it had enough votes.

Specializing costs (level * level * 10 million gold). So, if you want to pass a bill that raises mage specialization from 2 to 3, make sure the subject of the bill is 1) online when the bill voting stops, and 2) has 3 * 3 * 10 million, or 90 million gold in her pocket.

For fighters, specialization gives a bonus to damage. damage *= (1.0 + 0.05 * guild spec. level)

For mages, specialization gives a bonus to magic skills. magic skill level *= (1.0 + 0.05 * guild spec. level) this specialization also gives initial power bonuses to new pets. This is double the increase given by choosing the right hatching magic, times the specialization level.

For crafters, specialization gives a bonus to crafting skills. crafting skill level *= (1.0 + 0.05 * guild spec. level)

Tower Information: To get a tower for you guild, you must read this guild info area. You must also have 3 guild members online and be ready to pay 500K to the Moderator or Administrator that will place your tower. We then get in the square (just north of the square you want the tower in) and all say dantoporas. You must choose a spot not in town and not near other towers/dungeons. It cannot block any necessary paths.

To request a tower, go to Tower Requests on the game forum

More guild commands and keywords can be found here.

Player Commands Keywords

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