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Quick Recap of Guild Commands

Danfratern - with 4 people in a square will create a guild

Danduco - with 3 people and a ranked guild member will induct the others into your guild
Danviro - use inside your guild tower with 4 guild members to edit the inside of the tower

Dantoporas - with 3 guild members and an admin or mod will create a guild tower

/g - guild chat
/quitguild - leave the guild. /guildinfo GUILDNAME - will get you the information about a guild
/guildkick NAME - Can be used by ranking members in monarchies or tyrannies to kick lower ranking members from the guild
/vote - lists the bills' number, time left, vote so far (or final vote if it's not pending)
/vote # - lists the bill desc
/vote # yes|no - records your vote on the bill
/startvote TYPE_KEYWORD - subject starts a vote IF you can (according to the open vote spaces and the guild style)
/stopvote # - The sponsor of a bill can remove the bill from the list with the /stopvote command, IF voting is still going on on the bill.

Detailed Guild Command Information


The Promote command is used for creating a hierarchy of players. When players are promoted, they get a title next to their name on the guild list. This title ONLY appears on the list of guild members, NOT on your character in the world.

Example: this is what I see by typing /g MONARCHY: jaz band (Fighter Guild 2) Queen jazmin, Royal jaz, jazper, Duchess Jazzys Totems

Syntax: /startvote promote <guild members name you wish to promote>


The Demote command is used to take away or lower a players guild title.

Syntax: /startvote demote <guild members name you wish to demote>


The Kick command is used to remove a player from the guild. Typing this command will start a vote for everyone to decide weither or not to kick the player specified out of the guild or not.

Syntax: /startvote kick <guild members name you wish to kick out of the guild>

Change Style

Guild Style refers to the type of government within the guild. The topic of governments is described on the Guild Information page.

Syntax /startvote changestyle <type of government you wish the guild to convert to>

Change Name

The Change Name command is used to rename the guild.

Syntax: /startvote changename <new name you wish the guild to be called>

Fighter, Mage, Crafter

These commands are used for guild specialization. When these commands are used, it costs money. The player specified MUST be online AND they MUST have the money when the bill passes. By the formula: (spec lvl) X (spec lvl) X 10mil gold, here is a table of price, spec 1 to 10

Spec lvl Cost in gold
1 10m
2 40m
3 90m
4 160m
5 250m
6 360m
7 490m
8 640m
9 810m
10 1000m
N N x N x 10m

Syntax: /startvote fighter <name of guild member that will pay the money>

OR      /startvote mage <name of guild member that will pay the money>
OR      /startvote crafter <name of guild member that will pay the money>

Guild Kick

The Guild Kick command is a special, non-vote command. It can only be used by governments of MONARCHY and TYRANNY and by MOD/ADMIN players. Also, the guild member using this command MUST have a higher rank than the member it is being used on.

Syntax: /guildkick <guild member you wish to remove from the guild>


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