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-====== Monster ​levels ​======+====== ​Change Value and Monster ​Statistics ​======
 +Change Value is a multiplier that the game uses to modify the stats of monsters within earthkeys. It is derived as follows:
-To determine the level of the monsters in your geo, use the following formula;+  <​Change>​ = 1 + [{(total bead power +1) x (total gem power +1)} ÷ 20]
-G = + {(1) x [1+((D-20)/​20)]}+The lowest Change value attainable in a Geomancy earthkey is 1.10, with a single plain bead. All monster statistics ​(to-hit, defense, damage, health, and drop amountare multiplied by the Change value. ​
-Where: G is the level of the monster ​in the Geo N is the natural level of the monster D is the depth of the Geo+Using the formula for Change Value, and combining it with the formula for earthkey depth, we can derive a formula for calculating any monster ​statistic at a given depth:
 +  <Geo stat> = <Natural stat> x [1 + {( <​Depth>​ - 20) ÷ 20}]
 +>​Sentinels follow the same calculation,​ but with an additional multiplier of 2.0
 +>​Vagabonds follow the same calculation,​ but with an additional multiplier of 1.5
 +>(You will need to remember to perform the vagabond calculation with the appropriate stats for the creature type of the vagabond, of course)
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