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If you aren't ready to deal with Possessed Monsters (posse) to gather the bulk of your dust then you're probably wondering “How can I get dust for my next sword?”, well here's a few alternatives.

First of all a warning: None of these methods will leave you sitting on piles of dust in a few minutes - you need to work at them over the course of days or even weeks if you want to get serious amounts of dust. If you can't cope with a little hard work then you'll never be able to achieve anything of note.

Random Drops

Whenever you kill a monster there's a small random chance it will drop something special. Kill enough monsters and you'll often find yourself with a dust (or a special if you're in a realm) - if there are several choices for the drop then you'll receive one of them at random, for example you might find yourself with a mix of red dust, white dust and undead totems from the realm of the dead.

The realm-based random drops as as follows: Normal Realm: Blue dust Spirit Realm: Viz ingot, Blue dust Realm of the Dead: Red dust, White dust, Undead totem Dragon Realm: Red dust?, White dust?, Dragon totem Upper Lab: Chit totem, Chit ingot Lower Lab: Silver Dust (Only from Lizards), Chit totem, Mal ingot Note that actually Blue Dust drop in all realms, but don't expect a blue dust to drop from a slithis when you are a high level.

The downside is that the drops are random so you might have to kill a lot of monsters before you get one (newbies seem to get more dusts because they kill lots of small creatures in a small space of time).

Note: Some people say that drop rate is related to the dodge level of the character versus the level of the monster, which is why some dust hunters prefer to create newbie characters with either very low dodge (0 or 1) or that haven't learned dodge.

Farming Dusts

The limiting factor in the “random drop” method is how many monsters you can kill in a space of time - farming takes random drop mining to the next level by upping your kill rate.

There are two common methods:

Create a newbie character on your account, give it some totems, a reasonably powerful area-effect weapon (either a Din Fire Staff or a bladestaff) and then send it out into an area with a lot of small monsters you can kill in a hit or two and that wont kill the character too often.

Use an existing character, give it some totems, a reasonably powerful weapon (often a bladestaff) and then take it somewhere with either a lot of monsters available to kill, or less monsters but with a high respawn rate.

Note: Some people say that drop rate is related to the dodge level of the character versus the level of the monster, which is why some dust framers prefer to create newbie characters with either very low dodge (0 or 1) or that haven't learned dodge. If you plan to use staffs to farm you'll probably need your own mage to make them because very few mages like making staffs in bulk.

Vagabond Hunting

Vagabonds are unique monsters found randomly in earthkeys. Just like posses they can drop oak staffs, undead totems and dusts (blue, white, red) - the deeper you go the more drops they will have when you kill them (see the geomancy page to calculate approximate drop at a depth).

There are several catches; not all vagabonds are easy to kill, vagabonds get harder the deeper you go and whether or not a vagabond will appear is random so you might have to run through several earthkeys before you see one. On the plus side every earthkey you clean out will make you money so it's not a total loss.

Dungeon Chests

Every dungeon in the Normal Realm three chests which are reset automatically every hour or two. There's a small chance (random) that least of them will contain a glowing blue dust - if you're unlucky you'll just get a golden necklace you can sell for 1k gold as cheap loot.

Chest contents are randomly chosen you may need to visit several dungeons before you find a blue, also there's a chance that someone may have gotten there before you and cleaned out all the chests, in which case you'll need to either wait for the chests to reset or go to another dungeon.

Revenant Invasions

Every once in a while, you will see a global message in game that says “A strange power gathers in <town name>!” This is the beginning of a Revenant invasion.

There are two ways that the invasion can end, but the beginning is always the same, monsters of a certain kind (either slithis, wood golems, zombies, or orcs) will begin to spawn at the fringes of the town, 4 or 5 squares from the center square. They will begin to walk towards the Target Square (the immediately southwest of the center square), and gather there if they can.

Progressing the invasion happens in two ways, depending on your end goal.

1. Summoning the Revenants - If you to summon the Revenants, you must wait until some of the invaders have gathered in the Target Square, then kill 5 of them inside that square. This will trigger a global message that says “The sky splits open. The Revenants have been summoned!” and summon the three Revenants, allowing you to kill them for their onyx staffs.

2. Defeating the invasion - If you instead want to defeat the invasion and collect some blue dusts, you need to kill 140 invaders OUTSIDE of the Target Square. Remember that killing 5 inside the Target Square instantly triggers the Revenants and ends the invasion, so be very careful not to kill inside there if you want blues. Once 140 invaders have been killed outside of the target square, a new global message will come up that says “The invasion has been successfully defeated. The Revenants remain in the Abyss.” After this point, any remaining invaders will drop 1 blue dust each.

The maximum number of invaders that can be spawned at any one time is 40, so if your timing is perfect, and you kill them slowly, you could in theory get 40 blues per invasion. However, this is very uncommon. It is much more likely to get 30-36 blues per invasion, if you clean up the area thoroughly.

In order to best defeat the invasion, the best strategy is to have 2-4 characters work together. Position each character in a square adjacent to the Target Square, and the invaders will not be able to gather there. The two most important squares to occupy in this process are the squares directly east and west of the Target Square. The squares north and south of the Target Square are optional to block, the invasion can be defeated without them, but blocking them speeds it up slightly.

If you come across an invasion that has already gathered all 40 invaders in the Target Square, it is still possible to defeat it. If it's orcs, just walk adjacent to the square and orc movement will move them out from the center, then proceed as normal. If it's not orcs, you can go into the Target Square and kill 4 or less invaders, then leave the square. You can then proceed with defeating the invasion, but it will take a LOT longer, as you only have 4 invaders cycling through to be killed. Opinions vary, but it might just be faster to kill the Revenants and wait for the next invasion at that point.

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