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Co-ordinates Dungeon Name Near?
246N 36E Crack of Brael Hoth Gentanos 22 sq
6N 46E Crack of Brael Hoth Volcano 32 sq
174N 75E Crack of Brael Shan Magarnas 26 sq
242N 222E Crack of Brael Toor Mangel 19 sq
72N 120E Crack of Chiang Jhor Naral 16 sq
176N 54E Crack of Chiang Shan Magarnas 15 sq
118N 112E Crack of Maal Jhor Bora Mist 32 sq
188N 70E Crack of Tal Jhor Magarnas 14 sq
244N 78E Crack of Tarath Pola Aldebar 18 sq
130N 136E Crypt of Brael Shan Mostool 15 sq
246N 246E Crypt of Daar Del Mangel 11 sq
224N 132E Crypt of Maal Del Fingle 28 sq
186N 188E Crypt of Maal Il Binu 16 sq
112N 136E Crypt of Maal Jhor Bora Mist 9 sq
92N 118E Crypt of Rudon Hoth Bora Mist 26 sq
216N 92E Crypt of Rudon Quel Aldebar 14 sq
220N 34E Crypt of Tal Del Rac 19 sq
114N 182E Crypt of Tal Wid Jinn 30 sq
48N 159E Crypt of Tien Il Sintil 17 sq
142N 118E Dungeon of Brael Shan Mostool 33 sq
146N 56E Dungeon of Brael Toor Mirial 33 sq
78N 132E Dungeon of Chiang Beon Naral 27 sq
238N 42E Dungeon of Daar Quel Gentanos 29 sq
82N 10E Dungeon of Maal Goll Floan 23 sq
90N 54E Dungeon of Rudon Del Floan 22 sq
118N 158E Dungeon of Tal Shan Mostool 20 sq
214N 14E Dungeon of Tal Shan Rac 6 sq
23N 86E Dungeon of Tarath Pola Naral 45 sq
126N 196E Dungeon of Tarath Quel Jinn 26 sq
74N 164E Dungeon of Tien Shan Zandall 8 sq
172N 40E Labrinth of Chiang Goll Magarnas 25 sq
192N 220E Labrinth of Chiang Pola Jereston 6 sq
210N 54E Labrinth of Daar Del Magarnas 19 sq
238N 188E Labrinth of Daar Hoth Vargras 10 sq
224N 206E Labrinth of Daar Wid Vargras 24 sq
124N 50E Labrinth of Maal Goll Mirial 22 sq
96N 224E Labrinth of Rudon Jhor Jinn 16 sq
126N 160E Labrinth of Rudon Pola Mostool 14 sq
26N 140E Labrinth of Rudon Shan Sintil 13 sq
170N 16E Labrinth of Rudon Wid Rac 40 sq
238N 8E Labrinth of Tarath Del Gentanos 8 sq
146N 8E Labrinth of Tien Quel Mirial 27 sq
134N 30E Labrinth of Tien Toor Mirial 6 sq
146N 144E Pit of Brael Beon Mostool 12 sq
88N 144E Pit of Daar Quel Bora Mist 17 sq
102N 6E Pit of Tal Jhor Floan 34 sq
168N 116E Labarinth of Lethal Rebel Felloan 7 sq
148N 90E Pit of Tal Wid Felloan 29 sq
84N 208E Pit of Tarath Goll Bucansa 19 sq
168N 74E Pit of Tarath Hoth Magarnas 29 sq
16N 12E Pit of Tarath Toor Volcano 31 sq
44N 136E Pit of Tien Jhor Sintil 12 sq
90N 28E Pit of Tien Wid Floan 9 sq
162N 35E Tomb of Brael Jhor Mirial 35 sq
100N 76E Tomb of Daar Goll Van Togo 24 sq
226N 172E Tomb of Daar Il Vargras 11 sq
58N 166E Tomb of Maal Goll Zandall 8 sq
136N 178E Tomb of Tal Quel Mostool 28 sq
16N 142E Tomb of Tal Wid Sintil 21 sq
62N 140E Tomb of Tarath Quel Naral 25 sq
200N 170E Tomb of Tarath Wid Fingle 17 sq
136N 54E Tomb of Tien Hoth Mirial 27 sq
40N 46E Warrens of Brael Beon Volcano 11 sq
252N 24E Warrens of Chiang Toor Gentanos 13 sq
252N 126E Warrens of Daar Hoth Aldebar 50 sq
232N 230E Warrens of Daar Jhor Mangel 16 sq
106N 14E Warrens of Daar Quel Mirial 26 sq
6N 110E Warrens of Daar Quel Sintil 48 sq
116N 118E Warrens of Maal Shan Bora Mist 26 sq
68N 186E Warrens of Maal Wid Bucansa 11 sq
120N 20E Warrens of Tal Pola Mirial 11 sq
32N 68E Warrens of Tarath Jhor Volcano 32 sq
77N 241E Warrens of Tarath Quel Quixonta 20 sq
190N 134E Warrens of Tien Il Fingle 30 sq
250N 234E Warrens of Tarath Shan Mangel 9 sq
109N 152E Warrens of Tien Pola Bora Mist 12 sq
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