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Note from Yuri

So I got interested in the dismantle formulas.. and found out no one could easily refer me to an accurate one. That bugged me, so I started working on it. And I've got something. And it's accurate. And Krystle was really damn close with her formula. So here ya go.

[ { <highest ingot value +1¹> x <total number of ingots²> } + <highest ingot value + 1> ] x (rounddown(<# first colour of dust³>/5) +1) (repeat dust thing for each colour) = weapon complexity

-¹that's the highest ingot value that's involved at all. You can make a GS with 63 tin ingots and 1 addy ingot, and it's the exact same complexity as a full 64 ingot addy GS.

-²For multi-metal swords with less than 64 of each ingot type, yeah you have to add them all up if you wanna be accurate.

-³New info from Alaster and Rika. When dividing your dusts by 5, round the result DOWN to the nearest whole number before adding the +1. So 14 dusts gives you the same result that 10 dusts gives.

So, a couple quick examples:

1. Aluminum/Carbon/Zinc GS with 10 red dust and 10 white dust. (highest ingot value: 5, total ingots: 192)

[{(5+1) x 196} + (5+1)] x ((10/5) +1) x ((10/5) +1) = 10638 weapon complexity.

2. Mithril Swordstaff with 50 white dust. (ingot value: 7, total ingots: 96)

[(8 x 96) + 8] x ((50/5) +1) = 8536 weapon complexity

3. My sword, just for kicks. Malignant chaos sword with 750 red dust. (ingot value: 11, total ingots: 96)

[(12 x 96) + 12] x ((750/5) +1) = 175764 weapon complexity

For now, since there's really no way to test it, I'm going to assume that a shard on the sword adds the same complexity that 1 single dust would add. So ((1/5) +1) = 1.2, so a shard multiplies complexity by 1.2. Hope this helps y'all skill Dismantle better.


For now, take this with a salt shaker, the formula for Task Difficulty was changed, as was experienced gained, and it looks like more changes are coming.

OK this is what I have so far, considering the materials are exspensive (thanks Jaz for contributing) and the numbers vary so. I've worked up a bare bones guide to the differant complexity values assigned to the differant metals and the dusts so you can begin to figure out whats needed to break your swords. Extremely Important and the best find to date…


Any kind of sword any amount of blue the complexity remained the same as the plain version of the same sword, meaning, when you take into consideration the amount of WV verses complexity you can minus out all the blues (and the expertised blue values) that are on your sword.

A 200blue 200white 200red swords complexity was the exact same as a 200white 200red sword. Good news indeed :)

Also an important fact, dust is only counted in increments of 5. The complexity of a plain chitin great sword was the exact same as a 1, 2, 3, 4 dusted one and it didnt raise until 5 dusts were added. Subsequently a sword with 95-99 dusts stays the same complexity and isnt raised until the dust amount reaches 100.

These calculations are on one type of dust, 5 dusts means 5 red or white. Red White Green or Black add the same complexity level to a sword per amount if the amount is pure (one type of dust). It gets tricky and I need to do more tests on mixed dust.

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