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The full formula for the Four Egg types are as follows:

Plain & Striped & Spotted & Strange
  • The Color is 2 if Red, Otherwise it is 1.
  • The Dragon Stage variable is literally the stage the dragon is in.
  • The Magic Type variable is 1 if the correct type was used, otherwise it is 0.
Plain 6
Striped 18
Spotted 42
Strange 84


By Default, this value is at 0, and it stored on the drake itself.

It goes up by:

1) The Drake goes into the Famished State. +1 Treachery*¹
2) Feeding a Drake Rotten Flesh. +1 Treachery… Sometimes.
3) Not feeding the Drake Power Food*² +1 Treachery on next Dragon Stage
  • ¹ Can occur more than once.
  • ² Not too sure if it has to be something that has a result. (Change/Lay Egg/Power Food). Also seems to only matter when the drake is making “Strange Noises”.


Green Drakes Healing is AROUND 25-75% of the damage dealt. (It's a randomized value)

Giving a Drake the “Power Food” speeds up the evolution process by AROUND an hour. (not fully tested)

Black Drakes need some testing. I have a feeling they have potential.

Drakes store the values when they are HATCHED. Hatching a drake & Joining a guild won't alter their stats.

Strange Red, Gspec 6 + Chancellor at age 3 with power food SHOULD deal 585dps (1170 with two) With a Char_Age of 1 instead of 7, it would be 543dps (1086 with two)

Odd things occur with plain drakes when you advance an age. Need more data.

If you find anything that contradicts these formulas, let me know in-game. ~FrostSabre

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