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It is always best to use a full mage for geomancy (1/10/1)

After you have purchased the geomancy skill from the trainer, you're going to need a lot of plain beads (found at any merchant) and a lot of meats.

You'll start with 1 plain bead and 1 meat for each geo you make. Include 1 plain bead and 1 meat on your workbench, then go to your skills list (the book icon in the top right corner of your screen) and click on the geomancyskill and press combine.

Your task difficulty(TD) will be 1.50

You will continue to gain experience from 1 bead and 1 meat until you hit a work value(WV) of 30.

TD x 20 = the wv when you will stop getting experience from that amount of beads, at this point you would add 1 bead.

Example 1: TD is 1.50 (1 bead and 1 meat) so to find out when I need to add another bead I do the following math-

1.50 x 20 = 30.00 or a simpler way… 1.50 + 1.50 = 3 then you just slap a 0 on it

so everytime my wv hits 30.00 or above I will not get any experience when using 1 bead and 1 meat.

Example 2: TD is 37.50 (5 beads and 1 meat)

37.50 x 20 = 750.00 or 37.50 + 37.50 = 75 then slap the 0 on the end giving you 750 so everytime my wv hits 750.00 or above I will not get any experience when using 5 beads and 1 meat.

Meats don't add to the TD, so it would be a waste to add more than 1 meat per geo.

Gems are never needed for skilling geomancy, so save them for when you're making a skiller or looter geo.

Always only use plain beads to skill geomancy, other beads can give experience as well but are more expensive.

Some people like to know how close they are to their next geomancy level. To determine this you take your current geomancy level and multiply it by itself then multiply that number by 30. The number you get is what your geomancy experience will be (the number in parenthesis to the right of your geo level) when you gain your next geomancy level.

Example 1: Lets say your current geomancy level is 7. So to determine when you will gain a geo level you would do the following math…

7 x 7 x 30 = 1470

so when your geomancy experience reaches 1470 you will gain a geo level and be geomancy level 8

Will look like this:

Geomancy 8 (1470)

Example 2: Let's say your current geomancy level is 26.

26 x 26 x 30 = 20280

so when your geo experience reaches 20280 you will gain a geo level

Geomancy 27 (20280)

Every 5 geomancy levels (at least i'm pretty sure it's 5) you will gain a character level (clvl) Unfortunately geomancy seems to be bugged as far as clvls go. You do gain them when you're supposed to, but a lot of the time your new clvls won't show up until you completely log out to the log in screen and log back on (meaning you will rarely get to see the green glow while skilling geo)

Geomancy Calculator

Slayer's geomancy calc is the most accurate out there. It has a ReadMe file but may be confusing to some. I'm going to explain this as simply as i can.

Let's say your current dodge level is 82 and you would like a 10 skiller (meaning each spirit creature in it gives you 10 dodge experience everytime it swings at you)

Open up slayer's calc and select Level Calculator (the top button) At the top it says “What level do you want your monsters to be in your geo?” Directly under that question is a blank field. click in it. Since you want a 10 skiller you are going to enter a number 10 above your current dodge level which would be 92 in this example. Directly under that click the button that says “Calculate the depth” Your results will look like this: The required depth of Spirit Golem to be at level 92 is at 153m.

The required depth of Spirit Vision to be at level 92 is at 114m.

The required depth of Spirit Tigers to be at level 92 is at 102m.

The required depth of Spirit Creeper to be at level 92 is at 91m.

The required depth of Spirit Skeletons to be at level 92 is at 83m.

The required depth of spirit Werewolf to be at level 92 is at 76m.

The required depth of spirit spiders to be at level 92 is at 70m.

Lets say you would prefer to have Spirit Golems in your skiller. At the bottom of the window you will see 7 buttons, each with a different spirit monster type on it. Click the one that says Spirit Golem (bottom left corner) The depth field is already filled in for you.(The number in the top field)

Directly under that is the field for the number of beads you are willing to use. Click in that field, next to the 1. A drop down window with numbers will appear. to scroll down to higher numbers click the down arrow at the bottom right corner of the drop down menu. Lets say you only want to use 7 beads. Scroll down and click on 7.

Directly under that is the field containing the highest type of bead you are willing to use. Lets say you are willing to use glimmering beads. Click in that field where it says “Plain Bead” and a drop down menu will appear with all 5 different types of beads. Least powerful being at the top and most powerful at the bottom. Click where it says Glimmering bead.

Now that the fields are filled in, click the button below them that reads “Calculate Beads”

Directly below the button you just clicked you will see these results:

You will need 18 bead power and 6 gem power. You can reach that bead power with:

You will need 3 glimmering beads

You will need 1 shiny bead

So to make this geo you would need 3 glimmering beads, 1 shiny bead, 6 gem power and Spirit Golem meat.

Let's say you don't have 6 gem power, you only have 3 plain gems which adds up to 3 gem power.

The only way to lower the number of gems needed to make this geo is to use more beads. So click on the number of beads to use field again (next to the 7) Lets try it with 12 beads, scroll down and select 12. Now click the “Calculate Beads” button. The required ingredients did not change. You can either keep trying bigger numbers of beads to be used or try a different monster type. For this specific geo the ingredients didn't change until 27 beads. (26 glims, 1 marb, 0gems) The task difficulty for that is 1093.5 a rather spendy geo. In this case it would be better to try a different monster type or acquire the remaining amount of gems needed.

To select a different monster type just go back to the Level Calculator window (which you have left open in case you needed a different monster type) Click one of the other monster type buttons on the bottom of the window. Then follow the same steps as before to determine the ingredients you will need.

I would suggest not using Spirit Vision, as they have little health so die too quickly to be good skillers, and also drop very low ammounts of loot.

Also, Spirit Creeper isn't 100% accurate, it is off by 1 level a lot of the time.

All the other monsters are 100% accurate from my experience.

Sometimes a 10 skiller is not possible with certain monster types at certain depths.

There are 2 ways of seeing this.

First: On the level calculator window the results will be different from the number you entered in the top field.

Example: You entered 92 (meaning you want the monsters in your geo to be level 92)

If it wasn't possible for a certain monster to be that level in a geo it would read like this:

The required depth of Spirit “monster type” to be at level 91 is at “##m.” (when this is true, the message will be in different color, and a little warning message will show next to this line)

91 is only 9 above your dodge level, meaning that the closest that monster type could skill you would be a 9 skiller.

Second: After you've filled out the level calculator and selected the monster type you would like. You're on the Depth calculator window and you've filled in the bead number and bead type field and clicked “Calculate Beads”

And you see this message: “Sorry there wasn't any way you could reach that depth, try again by increasing the number of beads.”

Sometimes it means just that…. you need to use more beads than the number you entered.

But … sometimes the amount of beads required is a very high number, which means a much higher task difficulty.

A lot of times when this happens the best thing to do is just try a different monster type that can be made much easier.

Lets say you want to make a geo of a specific depth. It may not even be a skiller, could be a looter, but you know the depth you want it to be.

In this case you would open up Slayer's geo calc and click the second button from the top “Depth Calculator”

Fill in the top field with the depth you would like your geo to be. The rest of the steps are the same as when calculating a skiller. The task difficulty is near the bottom of the window in red. This is the number your work value needs to reach to successfully make the geo at that depth with the current ingredients listed. Sometimes when you fail to reach the required workvalue you can lose some ingredients, so if you have a failed attempt be sure to check that all your ingredients are still on your workbench before trying again.

There are other features in Slayer's calc that I have not mentioned. Explore any features you are interested in, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about using the calc or skilling geomancy.

Happy Skilling


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