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Rites of passage (RoP) were included in the 2.13 update, controlling a new player attribute called character age (see below for stages) - aside from changing the descriptive text on the options screen each extra stage of aging brings a significant health boost. To check your current age see the options screen.

Who can age?

First of all the player who wants to age needs to be P2P and their age description (see options) needs to have READY next to it. Assuming they can follow the instructions for setting up their RoP they'll be at a stone ring, they say their power word (metamoros) and then their friend will say their word of reply (polyvacus) and then they have gained an extra stage of aging and completed their rite of passage.

Since everyone gets something (see next section) it's very much a case of share the wealth and the more the merrier so why not announce your RoP in /a? Unless you pick a bad time or are universally despised you should get some friends, well-wishers and freebie hunters attending your little party.

What's in it for the "friend"?

Well for coming along to your friends rite of passage you get given a random gift - you get either a dragon orchid, a demon amulet ,or an ancient dragon scale.

Basically anyone within a two square radius of the person undergoing the RoP gets given a gift, apart from the person themselves.

Where can I find a ring?

  • Mangel at 233N 236E.
  • Rac at 203N 26E.
  • Van Togo at 92N 77E.
  • Bora Mist at 94N 149E.

What does it do?

Advancement is linked to acquiring Character Level, however it's hard to judge the actual boundaries at the moment since it's so new.

The main effect of increasing your characters age is a significant HP raise, each stage acts as a multiplier of total health, so if you have 100 HP as a young character you will have 200 HP as a young adult and 300 HP as an adult.

An interesting side-effect is that instead of each additional character level just giving one extra HP the multiplier comes into play; if you're a young adult (2nd stage) you'll get two HP for each additional clvl, if you're an adult (3rd stage) you'll get three HP for each additional clvl and so on.

Name Required Char Level Multiplier
Young 0 1
Young Adult 10 2
Adult 30 3
Mature 70 4
Elder 150 5
Counselor 310 +1 to all Stats
Methuselah 630 +1 to all Stats


The “formula” the character age goes by is: Current Clevel Age * 2 + 10 = Next Clevel Age.


To go from the Age of Methuselah to the next Age (which doesn't exist (yet)), the required Char level would be: 630 * 2 + 10 = Clevel 1270

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