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Blade Mistress is a high-fantasy, server-centric, ultra-low-bandwidth MMORPG. Blade Mistress is a garage development effort, which means that Blade Mistress is more focused on listening to the players and growing complex and compelling game play, and less focused on cutting-edge graphics and me-to game mechanics.

Having said that, Blade Mistress very obviously has the same kill-monsters-and-loot mechanics as almost every other MMORPG. The difference is that this feature of Blade Mistress is a beginning, not an end. In other words, the Blade Mistress development team is committed to growth and change in whatever way the majority of users feel is best. We expect that Blade Mistress will eventually look and play very differently than it does now.

Blade Mistress currently has simple combat, trading, crafting, chatting, character advancement, and magic. It also has dungeons that can be edited by the players themselves.

Green clad NPC's. Obtain your skills from these guys.

All skills have two numbers. The first number is the skill level, the number in parenthesis is the experience or work value.

Combat skill, your ability to avoid your opponents attacks. Currently the highest dodge is over 200, the only thing which really limits you is being able to find something suitable to train against! (see Player Fighting Guide)

The formula for working out when you are next due to increase a dodge skill level is;

<current dodge lvl> x <current dodge lvl> x 100

Craft skill for making weapons.

There are 8 different magic skills. Using the proper combination on totems will produce better totems. Magic is also used to hatch dragon eggs. A base magic of 4 is required to hatch the easiest egg.

Blue clad NPC's. These are where you bring your simple items to sell. Items, when in a trade window display their value, merchants pay 70% of an items value.

Items are different colors: Green items: sellable loot no other use White items: smith items,recall for towns,ingots and dust Pink items: weapons & totems Yellow items: dragon eggs Orange items: meat, to feed dragon pets

'Town Mage'
Red clad NPC's. They will heal you for a fee. They can also make travel faster by teleporting you to other towns. Teleports are in order by towns and you can travel forward or back. You can access your account storage from here.

!!!!Navigation in Game Blade Mistress is on a grid system and movement is made square by square. Click to move into squares, or use the up arrow to move forward. Right or left arrows to change direction. Each square has a number ranging from 0,0 to 255,255. 0,0 being the SW corner of the map and 255,255 being the NE corner.

You can travel instantly to another town using a recall. Recalls for a specific town can be bought for 1000g each at any of the merchants in that town (at a merchant in Fingle you can only buy Fingle recalls). There are two recalls available that don't teleport you to a town but to a special location: the waste and graveyard recalls. The waste recall teleports you to the foot of the volcano, and the graveyard recall teleports you to the graveyard near Fingle. Both of these recalls can only be obtained by killing the monsters in the wastelands, more specifically only the monsters that come out at night.

Totems are for “buffing” your character up (see Totem Info). Totems must be used to have any effect. There are 2 numbers on totems, the first number is the effectiveness of the totem 0 is the best or perfect totem. The second number is how long the totem will last either an M for minutes or an H for hours tells the time remaining. Totems time is real time, so they degrade even when not playing.

'Dragon eggs'
Dragon eggs are also placed on the workbench to hatch them (also see Pet Drake Guide). To hatch an egg use any magic on it. If your magic stat and skill is high enough you will be rewarded with a dragon pet of the same color as the egg. Pet dragons last for a total of 16 hours of game time. They must be fed every 30 minutes and they will grow every 4 hours. Dragons always hit in combat and their abilities vary with color. There are special magics to hatch eggs with and special meat to feed them for varying effects.

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