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Weapon Aging

Each time a sword hits any monster its age increases by one point - you can check the swords current age by viewing its details in your inventory. Once this figure reaches the maximum age (22,000) then it's officially fully aged.

If you take a long sword (LS) or a great sword (GS) and make it fully aged then when it's converted using one of the Expertise Weapons skills (Katana expertise, Chaos expertiseetc.), the damage statistic will be permanently doubled on the expertised blade.

So a weapon that did 100 damage as a GS or LS will now do at least 200 damage in it's new form, possibly more depending on what form you choose.

What happens if I don't age it fully?

Although I've never tried this myself I've been told that the damage increases with each step of the aging sequence, so it's staggerred from no damage bonus for new / young through to double damage bonus at maximum.

What are the different ages of swords?

When you look at your swords details the display will give your swords age a name based on its current age…

Description Strikes
New 0
Young 1,000
Mature 2,500
Well worn 5,000
Venerable 10,000
Ancient 15,000
Ancient(max) 22,000
???? Server now recognizes over 22,000
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