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Welcome to the basic smithing information page, this is where we'll try to help you move from wannabe smith to a smith that's useful to people around them.

First let's just run over some basic stuff that will make your life easier…

Shortcut keys For a full list of the creative shortcut keys see Player Commands Keywords, using these instead of the skills panel and the mouse will save you a lot of time and generally make you a more productive smith. To fine tune the shortcut keys see the options menu ingame.

Cheat sheets Make the Ingot Weapon Chart, Blade Ages, Smithing Formulas and Expertise Weapons your constant companions as they tell you most of the information you'll ever need to know about smithing without learning it from another player.

Multi-metal & skilling So far you've probably been stuck making real weapons to boost your XP (this processing also called skilling), while that's a very good way to start out it gets expensive quickly.

Using multiple types of metal to skill with is cheap and if done correctly allows you to spend time getting experience rather than accidentally creating a weapon and then spending five minutes restocking. You probably know by now that you get XP whether you succeed or not.

Multi-metal skilling is harder than normal skilling, that's the point of it, if you manage to create a full multi-metal weapon you'll notice they are a little larger than normal, and the more metals involved the larger they get!

How do you skill multiple metals? Let's start off with two metal skilling - you need to get at least 64 of each of the first two types of ingot (or 32 and a donor sword if skilling an expertise), include them and then combine.

Repeat this process until you either find it too easy or run out of ingots. Once you start finding it too easy then you're ready to add another type of ingot into your workbench along with the others and repeat until this becomes too easy.

Aged weapons Simple stuff really (See Blade Ages) and yet incredible effective way of doubling the power of a weapon with the only real cost being time required to get the blade to the maximum possible age. This is always worth doing with any dusted weapon or with mithril ingots and better…

Now on to the smithing advice…

Share the wealth… As players start needing more powerful swords you'll find that cost becomes more of an issue - this means swords are replaced less frequently so more work goes into getting them to be “just right” when they are done - this can be anywhere from weeks to months depending on the exact requirements they have for their sword…

The reason I'm telling you this is that when you smith a weapon for someone they put their trust in you - yes you can just take the materials and create a sub-standard weapon, but it's more polite and community minded to tell them about things they might have missed or that they probably don't even know about!


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